Shafts, Wood & Metal

     Chapter sixteen documents the evolution of both wood and metal shafts during the wood shaft era. Wooden fork shafts, slat shafts, teardrop shafts, raised ring shafts, off-set shafts, angled shafts, square shafts, bent shafts, limbershafts, bamboo shafts, inlaid shafts, multipiece shafts, and more are presented in detail. So, too, are composite shafts made from both wood and metal. Metal oval shafts, square shafts, perforated shafts, double wall shafts, solid shafts, pyratone-covered shafts, and stepdown shafts are also covered in detail.

  • On November 26, 1901, Isaac Palmer received a U.S. patent that covered the fork shaft clubs pictured. Palmer was hoping that the fork shaft would reduce clubhead torque. These clubs, though made by Spalding, were never put on the market.