Long Nose & Transitional Clubs

     Chapter two documents the wooden head clubs made between 1700 and 1890. Various play clubs, long spoons, middle spoons, short spoons, baffing spoons, wooden niblicks, and putters as made by such makers as Andrew Dickson, Hugh Philp, John Jackson, the McEwan family, Tom Morris, J. Jameson, James Wilson, Robert Forgan, Alexander Greig, James Hutchison, Jamie Anderson, John Allen, Robert Davidson, Frank Bell, David Strath, Robert Ferguson, Willie Dunn, Willie Park, Charlie Hunter, Walter Day, Thomas Manzie, John Morris, Ludovic Sandison, John Walker, David Mitchell, and others are presented.

  • The circa 1835 baffy spoon shown was made by John Jackson of Perth, Scotland. Jackson was a clubmaker of the highest merit. His work rivals that of the legendary Hugh Philp, but far fewer examples of Jackson's work remain.